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JACK HAS BEEN RETIRED- Powderhill's Jack B. Nimble "Jack" is a Contracted Sire from Powderhill. He is a miniature merle poodle who's always ready to take on the world. Don't let his size fool you, he's got loads of personality! Jack loves being the center of his human's attention. 


Pongo is a Merle MultiGen Mini goldendoodle and the son of Jack. He is also a Contracted Sire from Powderhill. Pongo may be small but he is mighty and enjoys playing with the big dogs. He has unique markings and a speckled nose and we're eager to see the puppies he'll produce.


Cole is an f1b petite goldendoodle weighing in at 17lbs. He is a Contracted Sire. He is super smart, friendly, and great with other dogs and kids. His coat is soft and curly. He knows many tricks, loves to play fetch, and at night time cuddling is his favorite activity.

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