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Our 1 year Guarantee

The Goldendoodle puppy you have purchased is guaranteed to be in good general health. In order for this guarantee to be valid, your new puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after going home with you, not including Sundays or Holidays.



If illness is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within that period of time, 100% of the sale price will be refunded to you upon immediate return of the puppy to us, accompanied by written statement from the veterinarian confirming the problem.



Additionally, a good nutritional program must be followed and routine vaccines must also be kept up to date. 


The puppy you have purchased is also guaranteed explicitly and exclusively against genetic defects. If evidence of inherited disease develops within two years of age, the puppy will be replaced. Written proof from a licensed veterinarian confirming the congenital disease must be provided to us.


We do not reimburse for vet expenses. 



We will also provide a pedigree showing at least three generations of ancestors.


If it ever becomes necessary to place your puppy in a new home, you must contact us before giving it up to a public placement agency. We will make every effort, at no expense to you, to locate a suitable, loving home.

To reserve a Golden doodle puppy a deposit of $500 is required to be placed on a litter's waitlist. The deposit is not refundable but can be transferred to a future litter.


The order in which the deposits are received will be the order followed for picking puppies.



~Please be aware that Maplewood Doodles reserves the right to take the first puppy from any litter in order to continue our breeding program~


When a Dam comes into heat she begins progesterone testing and will typically be bred 10-15 days after starting her heat cycle. This time frame can either be longer or shorter. She will deliver 9 weeks or 63 days later. Sometimes a delivery could take place 4 to 5 days before or after the expected date.



A couple days after delivering and rest, we will debut a picture of the mother and her pups.


Weekly puppy pictures will be added once the puppies have reached 3 weeks old. This allows mom time to focus solely on the well-being of her pups.



Once the puppies are 5 weeks old Puppy Pick will be held. Owners will be given 30 minutes to sit with the litter and select their puppy. This also allows owners the opportunity to get to know us as well. Puppy pick times will be scheduled in advance. The owner/s of the first pick will be scheduled first and so on. 


When puppies are 8 weeks old they are ready to go home. Payment for the puppies must be paid in full before puppies can be picked up. Specific times will be scheduled in advance for puppy pick-ups. Puppies will be sent to their forever homes with a food sample as well as a new collar, and a binder that will include our written guarantee, care and feeding instructions, the puppy’s initial health records and a Certificate of Health signed by our Veterinarian.

All Maplewood Doodles will have received their first shots and de-wormed before leaving our care.


~Please note that under no circumstances will a puppy be sent to a forever home before they are 8 weeks old. No exceptions will be made. 


We do not offer boarding. Puppies must be picked up on Puppy Pick-up. Be sure to plan ahead as Puppy Pick and Puppy Pick-Up dates will be announced once the puppies are born allowing time for schedules to be cleared.

Our Process

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